Businesses Need Financial Planning. Companies seeking a competitive advantage understand that crafting a tax plan can lead to larger profits. “Tax Planning” really means “Tax Reduction.” It is perfectly legal to arrange one’s business activities in such a way that taxes are minimized. The goal here is to identify ways to reduce or avoid taxes legally.

Individuals Need Financial Planning. Individuals sometimes shoot themselves in the foot, when it comes to taxes. When preparing returns, we often find taxpayers have done something that dramatically increased their tax burden but it is too late to remedy the problem. Clients would benefit from seeking advice before doing something different during the year. For example, when changing jobs, an employee may inadvertently have his or her withholding set incorrectly. This error will surface as taxes owed on April 15, rather than the usual refund they’ve come to expect. The problem could have been avoided by consulting with a professional about filling-out the payroll withholding forms.

Why Use Accounting Professionals for Financial Planning?

  • Broad Experience – Accounting Professionals’ staff has over 50 years of combined experience helping individuals and businesses. We’ve engaged in countless consultations that have saved our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars. We are the true accounting specialists of Asheville.
  • Convenient Appointments and Reasonable Prices – our consultations typically occur in the 4th quarter and last an hour or two but can be scheduled any time of year. Our hourly consultation fees are reasonable with no hidden costs.
  • Diverse Client Base – with over 600 clients located all over NC and multiple states, including 150 small businesses, we see a very diverse set of situations. The diversity means we’ve “seen it all before” and our clients benefit from this depth of knowledge as we advise on their particular needs.
  • Small Business Expertise – we are particularly knowledgeable of tax issues related to small businesses. If you are a sole proprietor or general partner in a Partnership, you need to see us today. We will share with you a completely legal approach to your business that can save thousands of dollars on self-employment taxes. Most successful businesses take advantage of this opportunity by electing to be a Small Business Corporation (“S Corp”).
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