Individuals and Companies Should Use a Professional Tax Preparer. Many individuals and businesses prepare their own tax returns. They may do so to save on preparation fees or they believe their returns are simple to prepare. For most individuals and businesses, however, the benefits of using a professional are obvious.

Why Use a Professional Tax Preparer?

  • Save Time – no need to spend hours on the computer going through all the questions found in tax return preparation software.
  • Refunds Maximized; Taxes Paid Minimized – professional preparers receive on-going training and stay abreast of the ever changing tax laws. This training allows professionals to help you find ways to reduce the amount of taxes you owe, thereby minimizing tax while maximizing refunds.
  • Financial Partner – a professional can provide on-going tax planning advice and can be there when you face life’s challenges such as retirement or the death of a spouse.

Why Use Accounting Professionals for Tax Preparation?

  • Broad Experience – Accounting Professionals’ staff has over 50 years of combined experience helping individuals and businesses prepare all types of tax returns – the true accounting specialists of Asheville.
  • Reasonable Prices – our prices are reasonable and are based on preparation time. If needed, a ½ hour preparation consultation is included at no extra charge.
  • Diverse Client Base – with over 600 clients located all over NC and multiple states, including 150 small businesses, we see a very diverse set of situations. The diversity means we’ve “seen it all before.” We know what’s deductible across a wide spectrum of clients and are more likely to be able to offer tax planning ideas with savings relevant to your situation.
  • Will Help With Issues – believe it or not, some accounting firms will not assist their clients with an IRS audit. Accounting Professionals will assist with any issue that arises on a return. Our credentials allow us to represent taxpayers before the IRS and we assist in responding to penalty notices, levies, mail-in audits and in-person audits.
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Tax Preparation Services, Asheville NC
Federal and All States

  • Individuals – income, estate, gift, state, multi-state, and local taxes
  • Small Business – income, sales, property and franchise taxes
  • Corporations – C Corp, S Corp, LLC and state returns
  • Partnership – federal and state returns
  • Non-profit – 990 returns
  • Electronic Filing
  • IRS/State Problems – audits, penalty notices, garnishments, levies
  • Payroll Taxes – withholding, unemployment, Social Security, Medicare

Tax Planning

  • Individual – deductions, home-buying, refinancing, energy credits, college savings
  • Business – S Corp, expenses, lease versus buy, equipment, vehicles
  • Divorce
  • Estate & Gift
  • Retirement